Symphony announces new leadership to drive ambitious growth plans

Symphony – APS and CloudCapcha, announced today a change in leadership to drive their next phase of growth.

After a successful 24 years, Brian Coventry, has decided to step aside and make way for new leadership that will drive the next phase of growth. Current Chief Operating Officer, Phil Lowe, will take on the appointment of CEO of CloudCapcha & Symphony – APS, and Brian Coventry will assume the title of Founder.

Phil will lead Symphony’s growth plans to expand into Australia and the United States, with Brian’s support

Brian’s new role will focus on productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing in the Accounting profession and continue to enjoy the strong connection he’s formed over many years.

Brian Coventry, commented, “I’m delighted to have someone with Phil’s experience driving our next phase of growth. Phil has been the Chief Operating Officer at Symphony since 2016 and knows the business intimately. He brings a wealth of experience in various leadership and advisory roles over the past thirty years that will make him instrumental in driving the business through its next ambitious growth plans. In particular, Phil has insights into the USA market that will allow us to navigate this significant opportunity with speed and safety”.

Phil Lowe, added, “We are determined to put our clients at the centre of everything we do. This will be key to Brian’s new role, with a focus on leveraging industry research and client data trends. The outcome will be to generate insights which directly impact and improve your overall experience in CloudCapcha and Symphony's solutions.

We’re confident this change in leadership will help us continue to deliver on its vision of developing value through the solutions we provide and building lasting relationships with clients”.


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