CRM for Accountants

Modernising the accounting firm with a CRM software platform that supports change and drives growth.

CRM for Accountants

Business development and marketing teams are demanding more robust solutions for the key disciplines that they are responsible for. Managing the data and information requirements in relation to events, publications, client and prospect communication is often cumbersome, spreadsheet-based and with no integration to the individual contacts in an accountancy CRM solution or Practice Management. Creating and maintaining the ever-moving approvals, registrations and attendances are difficult.

Referrals and relationships with clients are being managed in spreadsheets and often by individual partners in an accounting firm. There is no clear picture of what the referral pipeline is for both inbound and outbound opportunities or the reciprocity between member firms in the network or association to which the firm belongs.

There is a new generation of accountancy practices that need an aggregated view of all new business opportunities that drive growth. These firms need to extract the windows of opportunity that exist within the existing client asset and to get reciprocation happening between partners and departments. They also need to manage the key drivers that sit in behind growth strategies and improve cross-selling activities by changing behaviours and the automation of repetitive tasks. The culmination of these changes then requires strong and accurate reporting of the centralised CRM system to show how opportunities will impact the future capacity to deliver and profitability.

The CRM platform must also provide immediate access to practices managing the wide range of data held in relation to a client. By having this information to be in a single space eliminates the problem of data silo's and enables the team to focus on the all-important lead management, client relationship and marketing campaigns rather than hunting through multiple systems.

The Benefits of CRM from Symphony

Marketing Automation

Integration to Sugar Market, Mailchimp, Act-On

Event Management

Purpose-built module for accountants integrated to marketing automation

Referral Management

Inbound and outbound referrals with key business associates.


Manage client preferences with multiple catalogues

Opportunity Pipeline

A centralised view of all opportunities

Client On-Boarding

Integration to Client Take-on and Practice Management

Outlook & LinkedIn

Integration with Outlook & LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Removes Data Silos

Integration with Tax, Accounting, Document Management


CRM Software of the Year 2019. Digital Accountancy Awards

The Problem

  • Email marketing systems are out of date with source systems. Outbound communication lacks targeting accuracy and meaningful insights.
  • Clients preferences for publications are inaccurate resulting in mistakes sending incorrect material. GDPR compliance is uncertain.
  • Events and referrals management is cumbersome, spreadsheet based with no integration to the CRM system.
  • Unable to determine the effectiveness of a key business associate is not possible. Information on inbound and outbound referrals is not easily accessible.
  • Opportunities are managed on spreadsheets without a centralised view within the firm. New opportunities are not the right fit for your firm.
  • Partners or departments are nurturing the same prospect without knowing. Unexpected new wins are pressurising internal resources leading to delayed or under-performed work.
  • Forecasting is impossible because a centralised view of new revenue isn’t possible and therefore impact on profit and capacity to deliver.

The Solution

  • Select a marketing automation solution integrated to the CRM software. Deploy a CRM so that individual contact records are easily segmented and up to date allowing real time access.
  • Ensure the relationship management CRM platform has a specific module that manages events effectively. Including delegate responsiveness and attendance.
  • Ensure the CRM platform has a specific module that manages referrals to and from key business associates. Each referral should be connected to an opportunity in the pipeline.
  • Ensure the CRM platform has a specific module that manages publications with contact preferences integrated to a publication catalogue.
  • Implementing smart workflows ensure that the choices individual contacts make can be monitored and used to send focused, relevant communication and content.
  • Select a CRM for accountants that eliminates the risk of partners or departments competing for same prospective clients. Ensure that the desired co-ordination and client management processes are followed.
  • Implementing workflow processes that facilitate the fast qualification of an opportunity. Create a centralised view of opportunities that enable the firm to visualise progress and adherence to business development methodology.
  • Precision in reporting and forecasting, dashboard-based to give the right insights to the right people to improve the client experience.



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Find Out More

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Symphony solutions to solve this


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Practice Portal

Integrated with

  • Act-On

  • Sugar Market

  • LinkedIn

  • Outlook 365

  • Practice Portal

  • Advance PM

  • CCH PM (USA)

  • MailChimp

  • Sales Enabla

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