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It’s not about CRM in isolation. The real goal is to implement solutions that connect all business functions – The award-winning SymphonyCRM and Practice Portal deliver a range of choice for legal and accountant client management.

CRM - Unifying Data, Creating Stronger Insights

We are engaged by professional services firms, such as accounting and legal, who need to have immediate access to the wide range of data held in relation to a client. With a client management solution such as a CRM, firms have this information in a single space which prevents teams hunting through multiple systems to find relevant information held on a client. This allows legal and accountancy firms to quickly recall the status and detail of every job and document, schedule tasks and activities across your teams, and identify further growth opportunities – all from one place.

A CRM system also ensures that there is an understanding of the overall value of a client and services that they may be missing out on.

They no longer suffer from multiple departments contacting clients through separate channels creating a sense of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

The Benefits of Client Management from Symphony

Tax, Accounting, Audit

Digita, CCH

Document Management

iManage, Virtual Cabinet, Box

Outlook & Office

Emails, Meetings, Tasks

Other Data Sources

Companies House, Pardot,, SymphonyCRM

The Problem

  • Multiple databases that are not integrated creating data silos.
  • Lack of a single view of the client relationship and related data.
  • Cannot determine the overall value of a client.
  • Reliance on internal IT resources to create bespoke integration and automation routines.

The Solution

  • A platform that allows for a centralised view across multiple systems and databases for your legal firm or accounting practice. That works with popular applications such as practice management software, document management, CRM, Companies House, Outlook and marketing automation.
  • A cloud based CRM system that provides a real time holistic view of client data in a single interface. Providing users centralised access to all of the relevant information in one place – saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Creating insights into windows of opportunity and value trends based on client service profiles.
  • A system where integration and process automation solutions remove the reliance on DIY methods.



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One streamlined system for all your data, at a glance


Symphony solutions to solve this


Powered by SugarCRM our solution covers more than just business development and marketing. An incredibly powerful catalyst for change it has the capacity to absorb outdated functionality in legacy systems and the creation of a modern ‘joined-up platform that eliminates data silos.

Client Sense

Client Sense automatically joins the dots for you, providing you with the visibility you need to manage, protect and grow the relationships that drive revenue.

Practice Portal

Practice Portal provides key client data from multiple systems at the click of a button, allowing you to quickly recall the status and detail of every job and document, schedule tasks and activities across your teams, and identify further growth opportunities – all from one screen.

Integrated with

  • Advance PM

  • Practice Engine

  • CCH PM (UK)

  • Digita

  • Box

  • iManage

  • Virtual Cabinet

  • Outlook 365

  • Salesforce

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In the case of Mazars, one of the largest accounting firms in the UK, they have improved their efficiency to the tune of 2,000 recovered hours by eliminating repetitive data entry after deploying Sugar.

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